Who Has Your Cup?

Jeremiah 18:4

And the vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter: so he made it again another vessel, as seemed good to the potter to make it.

The Cup Intact

As infants, we all have a cup and give that cup out so easily.

When we see the faces of our parents, siblings, or anyone holding us, we trust them completely.

When we see the world through different mediums such as tablets, phones or T.V., we again trust the things we see.

Then, …

The Cup Dropped

  • Santa Claus, Elves, Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy.
  • Aunts, Uncles, and Teachers.
  • Boyfriends, Girlfriends, then finally

Each and every person to which we give our cup eventually drops it.

Sometimes it is not too bad, like finding out mythical beings are not real.

Other drops can be much more damaging, like abuse of any kind.

The cracks that hurt the worst are those cause by a loved one.

Many fractures are absent mindedly made, while others are callously induced.

Reassembly Required

When dropped, we gather up the pieces of our cup and try our best to put it back together.

The first time it was dropped, we find all the pieces. Through meticulous attention, we get fragment by fragment placed into the right spot.

The next time it is dropped, we may lose a piece or two.

Enough pieces gone and the cup will no longer hold anything for long.

So, we put glue all over it and slap it together with duct tape.

The glue doesn’t hold, and the duct tape is not watertight, so we can’t hold any love in our cup.

We start looking for things that will fill our cup.

Vanity, Entertainment, Music, Politics, Drugs, Alcohol, Friends, Hobbies, Money and the acquisition thereof, Social media, Gossip, and Immorality.

Inevitably, the love for each and every one waxes cold and drains away.

As children, the place we see our cup the safest is in the hands of our parents and if we are very fortunate, our parents only drop it a few times (I have never known a parent not to drop it at all). This is the best-case scenario.

Then, the potential significant other…

Fairly sure their hands are slathered in slippery soap.

And finally, after continuous destruction, we give up.

Hoarding Our Cup

We just don’t let anyone have it.

Matter of fact, we are holding on to our cup so tightly,

that if someone even looks at us, we are offended.

We can continue in our lives in this manner until we die.

But we don’t have to.


There is One to whom you can give your cup without the fear of Him dropping it. Not only will He not drop it, but He also heals the wounds. When we try to fill the holes, the cup continues to leak. But when Christ fills the holes, love can once again fill our cup to the brim.

Anytime I start noticing that I am offended, or hurting for one reason or another, I find that I have snatch my cup back.

I consciously and audibly give my cup back to God. I say out loud, “I need to give my cup back to God” and it helps.

I imagine it like a light switch. If I have my cup, I flip the switch and give it back.

I do not fully understand what the cup represents. I know it is hope, love, faith/trust. However, there may be many more applications.

As I put these thoughts down in written form, I wrote the simple poem The Solution.

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Bobby Johnson

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