The Teacup

Back in May of this year, my wife was finishing up her spring semester of college. For her final project in English, she put together this fictitious power point presentation The Difference Maker based on our relationship and the underlying foundation.

After sharing her presentation with me, she began to tell me about some of the old emotions it provoked, and in doing so, brought up defenses that spurred an argument. In order to help me understand her feelings, she created the following “teacup” analogy.

“Trust and emotions are like a teacup. A teacup is fragile and easily chipped or broken. If dropped it may not break the first time, but it weakens the vessel and can still be used, but when the same teacup is dropped again, it will most likely chip or break, but can probably be glued back together. The cracks can be seen and felt, and the cup will never look the same again, but it can still be used and serve its purpose. Through continued use it is broken time and time again, the teacup is continuously glued back together, but eventually the cup is unable to fully be pieced together again, it is still used, but can no longer fully contain the tea within the cup. There will be seepage.”

Her analogy touch my heart. As I tried to fully understand the implications, i started to see that this applies to all relationships. I told her my thoughts and asked myself this question; who has my cup?

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