Purpose of Life

While Adam was in the Garden of Eden, God gave him the task of stewardship over the garden as well as dominion over its other inhabitants. Then He blessed man with a suitable partner. God looked upon all that He had created and called it good. Had Adam, Eve, and subsequently, all their descendants not listened to the serpent’s manipulative suggestion that God was lying to them, we would currently be serving in the Kingdom of God as priests and regents.

However, with the fall of man, the original plan and state of man was altered. A perfect world with all of creation, which God called good, was cursed. Our perfect creator could no longer look upon us because of sin. Thus, our fellowship with God was broken. Through the Bible, we learn that God laid out a plan of restoration. God the Son came to earth as one of us so He could take our place as the recipient of God’s justice. He died as the perfect sacrifice and imputed His righteousness unto us. Because of His sacrifice, we have hope. Therefore, we must let Him live through us. We must give Him lordship over our lives.

One day Christ will return, and He will restore all that we have broken. In the meantime, our responsibility is not only to be saints and worship God, but also to spread the Gospel of Jesus unto all the world. I love the way Paul put it Philippians 1:21 “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” Ultimately, my purpose is God.

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